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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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It’s sad that you attempted to sully my character without providing at least one legitimate example to back up your claim. That hardly seems fair. On the other hand, if you find something I will happily apologise and retract it (or perhaps explain why its not really a double standard if you haven't yet got a handle on that).
dear lord I'm doing it since the beginning of this Spock/Uhura vs Scotty/Uhura silly discussion and in one of her replies Spock/Uhura's fan seems to get from your posts (if i'm not mistaken) the same impression I got myself: your argument is contradictory.

Firstly, I did not say I thought anything happened between Uhura and Scotty before STV. It was speculation, so please don’t put words in my mouth or be so quick to jump to conclusions. Actually, I don’t think either relationship needs prior justifications or "hints". The only question for me is: When the shock wears off, does it make sense? Nothing prevented Scotty/Uhura from making sense at that time (STV). It even worked fairly well until that silly bit at the end. But, as mentioned above, Spock/Uhura is a different story. Other people may only be concerned with whether they like Spock and Uhura together. They may put believability in terms of TOS consistency, aside. I just don’t agree it’s a good idea to do that on this occasion.
thank you but that's what makes all of us, including you, biased. My point.
Nothing wrong about it. What may make sense or not sense for YOU won't necessarily make sense or not make sense for ME or other people. But you seem to believe that your opinion that one relationship makes sense while the other does not is a fact. One was necessary while the other is not and we shouldn't support it or we just fall in some marketing trap the writers created for us. That is more or less similar to the whole "pandering to the female fanbase" argument already made here, because you know women only care about romance no matter if it makes sense of not or ruins amazing characters .
Mind you, Spock had always been my favorite character. That I can appreciate Spock/Uhura and it makes sense to me perhaps shows that, for my perception of the character (and I'm not the only one), it isn't so far fetched like you make it seems that it is and you're trying to convince us that it is.
Scotty/Uhura: you're the one that chose to reply to that and include them in your argument and whatever you realize it or not it made your argument double standard.
The point: Like you can find Scotty/Uhura believable in the prime universe, other people may find the Spock/Uhura thing believable in AOS and possible in TOS (had the circumstances been different. That is what JJ is saying with his movie). And yet you seem to believe that Spock and Uhura fall under a different standard and different set of rules to follow and what you are free to do with Scotty/Uhura others can't do with Spock/Uhura even though they're actually canon in this verse and they, after all, actually had some hint of attraction even in TOS unlike Scotty/Uhura. Not to even mention the whole "nu"Spock is not available to Uhura" like if Uhura forced him into a relationship with her or the fans want to pair them up and ruin the Spock character because of reasons. Really, they already have a relationship and it wasn't one side for the ones that created it. No one says that you have to like it or it has to make sense for you but it seems to make sense for nu!Spock and the ST2009 writers, you know.
Spock giving a damn about Uhura or any other girl may not make sense to you but it doesn't mean that it never happened in the movie and we're inventing it for the sake of shipping them together.
It seems to me that you judge nu!Spock according to what you think he should feel or do according to you and how you want him to be rather than what the movie actually presented and what the fictional character actually feels.
I think that the same logic is used by those fans that insist blaming the whole relationship on Uhura only and are convinced that she forced him or did something that Spock didn't welcome/appreciate (one of those arguments was made in this thread too), no matter if the movie, the script and the writers said the opposite thing.

teacake wrote:
As to TFF, it doesn't have to be a romance between those two, it could have just been a fling. "Old people" can be kind of pragmatic like that.
I'm not disagreeing with you here.
I don't think that the movie portrayed them as a love story nor it implied that they had always been in love with each other in TOS. That it may been just a fling could be also confirmed by the simple fact that the romance subplot was completely ignored in the following movie and it seemed that they decided to remain friends like they had been before the whole thing with Syboc.
I just find it weird that they're now used in arguments against nu!Spock/Uhura as some sort of "proof" that JJ went against Gene Roddenberry's canon and Uhura's only true love from TOS
Neither were actually canon in TOS. Just like the writers of TFF had wanted to explore their couple without it having a solid base from TOS, JJ did the same thing (and he even had something to take inspiration from so why not? furthermore if you say why not to Scotty/Uhura even though no hint could be found in TOS).

Back on Uhura from TFF: personally, I always thought that under the influence of Syboc she simply expressed her regret for having always cared about her career only rather than actually expressing a romantic interest for Scotty. She would have said the same thing if Sulu or Chekov were in Scotty's place, Syboc simply took advantage of that and the fact that the crew members were more or less a family and everyone was friends with everyone.
All the members of the crew may had that regret at one point of their life.
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