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Re: Braga is in Pulling Seven's Strings Again.

Well it's all a question of an alternate reality to what.

What is Brannon aware of in the comics, novels and that movie that came out nearly 4 years ago.

That's a massive amount of reading and absorbing that he has no obligation to adhere to if he only wants to tell a compelling story.

He can't write what he doesn't know about.

So this isn't an alternate reality because it is unlikely that he is aware of anything that happened after the final episode of Voyager (very little of Enterprise was set after the final episode of Voyager.).

It's just set in a universe after Voyager where nothing noteworthy like the destruction in of Romulus has happened, which as far as he is concerned, what he is writing, is Prime and real until a TV show is made to redefine and outreal his comic.

Seven's intermediary Fate, is probably going to be explained in flashback during subsequent issues is my best guess.

I like her hair up.

It's hilarious watching it stay up NOMATTERWHAT!!!!!!
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