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Re: OT: The New Haven Chronciles WIP thread

Everyone does love maps!

I was a little put off at first when I read the words Haven, and Pax corp. They just seemed too "done". Anyway- a silly point on my part. I actually became quite fascinated by the story as I read on. I would certainly like to continue on this journey!

One point- not a nit pick or anything. I actually think sensor cloaking would be around by that time period. I say a really cool story on discovery over a company that is developing military sensor cloaking. They covered a tank with devices that take the surrounding temperature signatures (in this case of plants around it), and projected those temperatures (or something to that affect) onto the entire hull, and it just blended in like the perfect camo. It's like, there was a tank- and then it was just plants. I'm going to look it up and see if I can get the accurate info if you're interested. lol...

That was quick! Found it right away.
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