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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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...Deciding on the right size to slice things into is a balance thing, and to me this was on the too short side.


That said, I'm sorry for the pay the bills part; I frankly just blindly assumed you were ad-supported (which I don't see due to Adblock - and yes, TrekToday is an exception in my Adblock rules) because it's the usual reason you see pagination this extreme. I definitely should have checked, so boo me.

I guess I should have framed things a little better instead of getting to the criticism part so quickly, too, so here it is again: I really enjoyed your interview, I'm grateful you talked to CBS Digital for us, I'm looking forward to the upcoming installments, and for that matter, I also think your site rocks pretty hard. I'm really sorry if I dampened your mood over what should be a happy occasion, I really didn't mean to. I was just communicating the - relatively minor - negative aspect I had in my user experience as a suggestion for improvement, in the spirit of one developer to another. It's a habit as much as anything.
- The CBS-D interview is sliced into exactly the same sizes as the Okuda interview from a few months back.

- TrekCore is entirely non-profit and has NO revenue. We remain ad-free and are entirely dependent on donations to pay our bills.

Sho, I know you are normally very appreciative and engaging with our content, but your comments really pissed me off. I understand in this day and age everyone wants information instantly, however you really have to appreciate just how limited my time is to put it out there.

Captain Fine wrote: View Post
I enjoyed the snippet of the interview we got so far and look forward to the rest

Maybe Technicolor has those 2 seconds of footage in a vault somewhere...or not lol
I thought this was a very exciting revelation from Sarah and Wendy. There was a lot of concern early on that there would be large chunks of upscaled footage each season (especially after the 13 seconds from SoTF), however it now seems that it was an exceptional circumstance which led to the 2 seconds being lost from S1.

Tosk wrote: View Post
MikeS wrote: View Post
So what was the big surprise?

I noticed a "Niel Wray head of 3D" listed. Am I going to be seeing the Borg in 3D?!
Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe in this case 3D simply means that Neil Wray is in charge of the department that deals in "true" CGI (ie: The Crystalline Entity) as opposed to 2D effects like matte paintings, phaser shots and the like.

Edit: Whoops, apologies to Trekker4747, who already said the same thing.
Niel Wray is head of 3D, he gave us the beautiful Crystalline Entity from "Datalore" and is working on other CGI creations where the original CG files have been long lost.

BillJ wrote: View Post
That and the fact that there was little there we didn't already know...
There is a LOT we know already thanks to the fantastic documentary on Season 1.

However, "little that we didn't already know" is plain wrong! Lots of information is new... questions about film condition, where the film is going after it's been scanned, the fact that CBS went back to the Paramount Archive for the movies footage (that was a big bone of contention early on, with many fans thinking the stuff had to be recreated) and the nice bit of history about the 2 seconds from Season 1.

TheSeeker wrote: View Post
I don't think the surprise has been revealed yet.
Lots of great information to come, for sure
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