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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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Firstly Uhura was 57 years old in ST:V if you go by Nichelle's age at the time, Scotty was no doubt quite a bit older. And you know if they want to get jiggy together in the Jefferies tubes that's their business. What the heck does their age have to do with it??
I don't have a problem with older people acting like a couple and all. But Uhura is a touchy topic here since she was never allowed to get a love interest in the show and the only time she did it was "late" when perhaps the writers thought that it was "safer" and they didn't it to actually give her a love interest and do something good for her character or because they wanted to be progressive . But anyway my problem with Scotty/Uhura had everything to do with it coming out from nowhere since she had never showed any interest in him in TOS and the way it was developed (or better say not developed) with Syboc and all (forced, ruined by some outside influence). The fact that they also were old people is the last of my concerns and would be even less if their relationship had been hinted to in TOS. Point is that it wasn't organic with the show (and TFF is about the prime universe unlike ST2009 that is NOT) and it makes me smile a bit when people criticize nu!Spock/Uhura for the same reason all the while they justify Scotty/Uhura from TFF. Spock/Uhura not only had some hints in TOS but they actually are a couple IN THE ALTERNATIVE REALITY so, unlike Scotty/Uhura, it doesn't even matter what happened or not happened between them in the prime universe. It's a plus though that EVEN in the prime universe this relationship isn't so baseless compared to any other combination that the writers could come out with, they had something to take inspiration from at least (as Nichelle Nichols said).

Secondly as far as the endless retconning of romances goes.. that's what fans do. Retcon and subtext the stories into pulp, sweet juicy pulp. We do it because it is FUN.
No one is saying that you can't do that or that it isn't fun as long as you are avare that you're biased too or that other people can do the same if they want.
My comment is directed to the hypocrites that look down on other fans for liking the Spock/Uhura romance in ST2009 saying that it came out of nowhere, minimizing their scenes from TOS all the while they retcon other characters and relationships in the name of subtext. In short, according to these people you're crazy if you think that Spock/Uhura had potential in TOS because apparently even if she flirted with him you can't, no way no ever, think that she liked him that way. But of course it's totally legit for them to pretend that Uhura was totally in love with Scotty and looked at him with lust the whole time.
Also, difference between text and subtext: Uhura flirting with Spock is canon and is written in text.
If you can ship Scotty/Uhura or any other couple and base it on subtext (meaning what you want to see in the scene and not something that canon had actually established or implied) it's your right and option but then you can't bash other fans that do the same thing even less the Spock/Uhura supporters that talk about hints and scenes that actually happened and a couple that IS canon in the JJ's reality.
People ship all the kinds of crazy ships and it's fine.

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