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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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... In particular they explain why I think nuSpock is far less likely to be "available" for a relationship with Uhura or any other woman.
And after watching the 2009 film, I would say that with the loss of his mother being so immediate and unexpected, it would be more likely that he would desire and be "available" (as far as needs go) for a relationship with Uhura or some other human woman even if he hadn't already been seeing her. There is the destruction of Vulcan, and like new Spock said, it's logical for him to help replenish the Vulcan population. That's where the Spock you've seen in TOS comes into play. Like the great old man said, "You can be in two places at once." He essentially freed new Spock of his "logical" burden, or obligation, to help his fellow Vulcans in that way.
and his father, his vulcan father, admitted that he had married his mother because he loved her. He essentially told Spock: see even I feel. It was an absolution and maybe even an advice. If Spock had already started a relationship with her when it was somehow "forbidden" why not continue it now that even his stoic father admitted that it's ok to love someone and being human.
Coincidentally, right after that scene you see Spock coming back to the group and remember when he said "my mother was human which makes earth the only home I have left"?
when I watched the movie the first time I could swear that he had looked at Uhura when he said that line.
Guess what? It wasn't just my impression

from the official script of the movie:
SPOCK (CONT'D) Also, my mother was human. Which makes Earth the only home I have left. 112 189 CONTINUED: (3) 189 The crew looks at this very courageous Vulcan with deep respect - - but his focus is on Uhura, whose eyes smile back at him.
I got the novelization and surprise, the same was said there too:

“And—my mother was human. Which makes Earth the only home I have left. So I have as much reason and rationale as anyone to want to risk my life in hope of preserving it.”
Everyone’s eyes remained on him, but his lingered only on Uhura’s. No one really noticed—except McCoy. As chief medical officer he was attuned to subtle aspects of crew performance that escaped his colleagues.
this is the scene:

after that you have the transport pad scene that speak for itself. There he definitely kissed Uhura back and according to both the script and the novel he initiated the kiss.
Oh and lets not forget the scene with Kirk when Spock asked "Jim" if he could give a message to Uhura in case he had died in the mission. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out what he intended to say.
When they get back safe and all the first thing he did was running to Uhura and they briefly touch hands.
Not to mention the meaningful look he gives her in the end when he gets aboard the enterprise and he passes her while getting to his station and Uhura's big smile can light up a house. In the commentary I remember the writers describing it as her being happy that her boyfriend was back just like in the "my mother was human" scene she was proud that her man came back to the crew.
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