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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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How did I miss this gem
it was supposed to be a bit funny but really Uhura was never allowed to get a love interest in the show, Roddenberry had wanted to explore a relationship with Spock and her but he never could. Racism was so rampant that even the Kirk/Uhura kiss (that was supposed to be between Spock/Uhura originally ) had to happen while they were forced.
Young beautiful Uhura had to get ignored just because she was black and the actress had to endure a lot of racism from the network and production. It was already a miracle that she actual was in the show. She even thought about leaving it.
Of course the only time Uhura was ever allowed to get an actual love interest it had to happen in STV when she was old and of course it had to happen while she was under the influence of Syboc who essentially used her. So she almost seduced Scotty who was her friend and rejected her advantages. This is bad taste for me and a disservice for her character. Too little and too late and too forced. (not to mention the dancing scene that would have been bad even if she was young) and then I read people that justify that crap all the while they accuse JJ and their version of Uhura saying that she was sexualized or reduced to a love interest. Talk about irony here.
Not to mention the ones that make it seems that STV is more "canon" than ST2009 when Roddenberry himself despised that movie.
Again, no wonder why they completely dropped that romance subplot in the next movies, and yet some people make it seems that it was this oh so well developed love story and they recton TOS with imaginary scenes where Uhura wanted to sex up Scotty with her eyes
I've read people actually saying this kind of things, mainly slash Kirk/Spock fans though, even funnier when the same people that retcon the Scotty/Uhura interactions (?) from TOS are the ones that negate the Spock/Uhura flirting scenes. JJ had nothing to take inspiration from, apparently, while STV writers had all these hints of Uhura's hopeless love for Scotty you're just so blind if you don't notice their great love story in all those episodes and movies prior STV.
Firstly Uhura was 57 years old in ST:V if you go by Nichelle's age at the time, Scotty was no doubt quite a bit older. And you know if they want to get jiggy together in the Jefferies tubes that's their business. What the heck does their age have to do with it??

Secondly as far as the endless retconning of romances goes.. that's what fans do. Retcon and subtext the stories into pulp, sweet juicy pulp. We do it because it is FUN.

God knows I could subtext or slash anyone if I set my mind to it for 3 minutes. I even posted a J/C video one hormonal day. So I can speak from experience that there are no boundaries when it comes to fandom. My point is it doesn't matter what romances or trysts people like, there is no right or wrong to it. We have what see on the screen portrayed clearly and we have what we see in the subtext. Any kind of pairing will have people who like it and people who don't and that's all it comes down to--personal preference.

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