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Re: The Genesis planet...

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it could have been formed from the matter in the Mutara nebula (unlikely since it was scattered by the explosion) or it could be the transformed Regula.
In that case, why does anyone ask any of these questions if, by your strict definition of the rules, they cannot be answered.
Yeah, since the movie didn't give us a definite answer.
Both interpretations are possible.
I just find one more likely than the other.

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Your comment about Uhura doesn't make any sense, btw.
Did we witness her birth on screen, or did dialogue reference it? How do we know it happened?
Don't act stupid.
We know it happened. She is there. The how on the other hand (and this all being sci-fi) ...

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The script makes it quite clear that it is a new world, not a pre-existing one.
Indeed. The piece beamMe dropped out of the middle of my quotes was where Saavik says:

Admiral, you've got to see this! There's new life -- a whole new world, a Genesis world -- !

But Kirk is past hearing or caring. He is huddled up against the glass, destroyed. Bones looks on, helpless.



A spectacular look at Carol's planet being born!
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It's clear that the intent was that the planet formed where the Reliant exploded. If it was meant to have been Regula, they'd have shown it.
Exactly, including the space lab being wrenched from orbit and dissolved.
Even those lines are open to interpretation.
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