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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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I've read somewhere that both the comics and the novels are somehow canon because the writers ( Orci said it) need to approve them to a degree and the novels cannot have in them anything that the writers don't want them to have. I'd say it's a grey area between canon and non canon, they're still interesting though if you want to know how they got together.
They're not canon, Orci was pushed into saying they were by an interviewer a few weeks back, but retracted it very quickly in the comments section.

Bad Robot are just very protective of their universe (not that it helps, the first two Academy novels had a few contradicions that should have been easily spotted - in The Delta Anomaly, San Fransisco is a dangerous place with violent gangs, wheras in The Edge there is virtually no crime on Earth)
I went to the page where he talked about this and my take on what he said is that it's grey area between canon and not canon. On a general rule, only what is showed in the show or in this case the movies is canon.
He said that what they need to approve can be considered sort of canon but I think he didn't mean actually "canon" more something along the lines of "it's more canon than fanfiction because I have to approve them and they can't put things I don't want them to put there" but it's not canon as the people that watch the movie don't and shouldn't need to read the comics or the novels to understand what is happening there.
There is also the point about them putting clues about the sequel in the comics.
I think that while the novels and the comics aren't completely free to do what they want with the story and they can't contradict the movies (eg; Kirk and Spock can't absolutely meet each other prior the movie; they can't use new races or enemies that the movies writers may want to use for the sequels ), JJ, Orci and the others can do what they want with their story in the movies and they can contradict some of the things that the novels or the comics said or develop them differently (Benedict could still play Gary Mitchell no matter if the character was already used in the comics)
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