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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

So... having seen commercials for this over the past few months I thought there was little chance I would go see it. It looked really stupid. Then I checked metacritic and it actually seemed to be getting a really positive response and a reputation as a smart movie. So I figured, what the heck!

In the end though, I don't really get it. The whole Looper concept makes even less sense than I thought it did from the commercials. Why would they make 'finishing your loop' part of your contract? Why wouldn't they just send your ass back to another assassin that doesn't know you? Why does a telekinetic god need to send people back in time to be killed? There was a brief explanation that I don't think I quite caught.... it's too easy to track bodies in the future? Or something? If murdering people in the future is so hard, why did they shoot the chinese wife? If they can get away with shooting people and just need a place to dispose the body, why don't they send the bodies back in time pre-killed? Would seem to be a great way to avoid loose loops...

The rules of altering the timeline were really goofy as well... With the carving notes into people's arms and all that. You chop off a dude's legs and he's still there in a position that requires him to have legs for the past 30 years but without his legs? What?

Oh, and can anyone explain to me what the deal was with the mom character hanging out on the porch and pantomiming having a smoke?
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