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Re: Glee - Season Four

I just watched this episode, and I think I'm ready to see some ulterior motives (From a negative standpoint) in some of these characters. For example, Brody. Who the heck is he and why is he so freaking nice. He just meets Rachael and now they are in love and we have a 3 way relationship triangle thing again? By the way, didn't Finn and Rachael break up in a car before she got on the train headed for New York? It will be interesting to see where this goes in the next few weeks, but I have a suspicion that that so-called relationship breakup is going to get ret-conned. Also, Finn being the one at the door (Not even using spoiler code on this one) was so predictable even I saw it from a mile away and I'm not good at stuff like that.

The other character who I have sneaking suspecion about is SJP's character. How did Kurt go from intern to the creative genious of in like 2 days? It's almost like the plots are moving fast and everything is happening off screen. I understand the need to keep things moving, but don't we need trials and tribulations every so often?

Other than that, I did like the episode and it was better than last week. I can understand Blaine realizing that he is lonely without Kurt but I liked the relationship he and Sam developed. The best story plot point though was Will with the realization of needing a new challenge. That might have been the only realistic thing in the entire episode.

As for the music, it wasn't great, but it was decent. I appreciated giving Britney something a lot different than what she has done even though it wasn't all that great. The song with Brody and Rachael though was pretty good.
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