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Re: What do want to see from a new series

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^ Pretty much exactly like Andromeda, yeah. Actually, if I remember correctly, didn't Roddenberry's original notes put Andromeda in the Star Trek universe?
That's the rumor, but Andromeda as aired turned out to be a pastiche of several GR concepts including the lead character from the old Planet Earth/Genesis II.

So if you think about it, going with this idea would simply be excising the Tribune demons and Kevin Sorbo...
Kevin actually can be a good actor when given good material. His performance in the earlier seasons (which were more serious in tone and more intellectually "weighty") was a lot better than his later season performace.

The only changes I would make to that old premise would be to eliminate the "frozen in time" nonsense. The rest could still work: the Federation has fallen and/or splintered, the Alpha Quadrant is a mess, a new crew dreaming of something better drags an old starship named Enterprise out of mothballs...
I'm of two minds about that. On the one hand I'd like to agree, but having a surviving Federation officer as the "lead" makes more story sense than some random collection of people for whom the Federation is a half-forgotten fairy tale suddenly becoming nation builders.
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