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Re: A reason why Captains and Admirals know each other

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Are we even talking about a real phenomenon here, or just an urban myth?
He also indicated he knew fellow captains but never met them. No friends of Janeway were in evidence. And that was it.

What was there to "explain" again?
I did leave a link to Six degrees of Separation. It isn't a game and it isn't a myth. Just by the Kevin Bacon game (as an example) two people can be associated without actually having met, or at least that is the way I understand it. If you read the link, or look up Kevin Bacon Six Degrees of Separation, it will point to the link that I gave. The Six Degrees thing started back in 1921 and progressed.

It was a question of wether Captains and Admirals could know each other based on this idea. It seems so.
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