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Re: Fringe 5x01 - "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11" (Commenta

I noticed that this is labelled as a commentary thread, but I don't see any review threads for this episode, so I'm just going to write mine below.

I thoroughly enjoyed tonight's premiere; I'm so happy that Fringe is back!

The opening to the episode is really chilling, as are the scenes between Walter and the Observer (the close-up of Walter's eye bleeding was pretty disturbing).

I felt like this episode packed a lot of different elements in, and it worked well. We got some powerful emotional elements with Olivia reuniting with the rest of the team, and the Peter/Olivia moment later on. We get shock with Walter's torture by the Observer, and we also get a delightful smattering of his humor as well.

I absolutely loved the moment where the Observer appeared and went "Resistance is futile."

Although, I was a bit annoyed that Walter was reverted back to a sort of "brain-damaged" state again, after that was supposedly corrected in "Letters of Transit" after he'd had pieces of his brain removed by William Bell years ago. It just feels like the writers keep jumping back and forth with Walter's state of mind in that sense, and I would like there to be some sort of permenant choice made on that front.

I honestly groaned when Markum appeared on the screen. Don't get me wrong, he's a well-written character; he's just one of those seedy guys that you'd rather not know in real life. And the whole thing he had about Olivia waking up and realizing that she loved him? Man, that guy is weird.

But all in all, an excellent episode and a fantastic start to the final season. I eagerly await more

(A side note: I loved all the puns you guys came up with ).
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