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Re: Flint in season 5

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You mean James Morrison from "24". Actually, he was a series regular on 24 during what would've been Enterprise's fifth season and might not have had time to do it.
24's rampant use of Canadian actors aside, wasn't it filmed in L.A. just like ENT was? Morrison could have just gone to a different studio in order to appear on the show.
I suppose it's possible. I'm pretty sure Gregory Itzin played Admiral Black while he was playing Charles Logan (when did he have time to grow that beard?), but he wasn't technically a series regular at the time.

As I said, if an actor is a contracted regular on the show, the network sometimes vetoes that actor from doing guest spots on shows on other networks. (And yes, there are exceptions. I think Morrison did an episode of "Numbers" while he was on "24").

Again, apart from hair color, though, I don't think he looks ton like James Daly.
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