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Re: Who's your favorite Trek actor at conventions?

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I have only been to two conventions that had star trek actors.

The first was the Peterborough convention where they had over half the VOY cast and four from DS9. Rene and Nana were both really nice when i got their autographs. And Rene was really funny onstage as well.
Robert Picardo and Ethan Philips were both hilarious they even did a comedy act together. Both Garrett Wang and Robert Beltran were a lot more funny and likable than i expected given how bland/dead the characters of Kim and Chakotay could be. Jeri Ryan was fantastic.

The second was the Wrexham comicon that took place last sunday and had John Billingsley in attendance along with his wife Bonita Friedericy who were both lovely. I spent a half hour or more chatting away to them and they were giving away free Italian candy
I'd LOVE to have a half hour chat with John and Bonita. Admittedly I'd probably want to talk about John's role on "Cold Case" (BIG fan of that show) and Bonita's role on "Chuck" (I liked that she once compared her role in an interview to Vaughn Armstrong's as Forrest).

Actually, I was surprised John never made an appearance on "Chuck". I could totally see him playing some kidnapped scientist, or badguy-in-disguse-type character like he played on "The X-Files".

I hail from Winnipeg, a mid-sized city in what would probably be considered the Canadian equivalent of "fly-over country", so we didn't really get a lot of quality media guests for a long time, but it's finally been improving in the last few years.

In a little over a month, we're getting some good guests including a Patrick Stewart, Walter Koenig, and Alan Oppenheimer (Capt. Keogh), along with some really promising non-trek folks: Bruce Boxleitner (stoked for that one!), Billy Dee Williams, Tia Carrere, Dean Cain, and a couple of Stargate people.

My autograph budget's probably quite slim, but hopefully I can get more than one. (Hopefully you don't have to PAY for Patrick's Q&A either!)
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