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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

There's something to be said for watching your favorite sports team without any expectations. As an analogy, I remember a couple of years ago when Tony Romo went down for the season in his fourth game. It became a lot less stressful watching Jon Kitna take the helm when you pretty much knew the season was fucked. My best hope watching games was just to knock off a few good teams every now and then. I became a lot less vested in the games emotionally. The same for my Braves during the later part of the 06-09 era. You pretty much just root for individual players to have a good night and try to spot some emerging talent that can help you farther down the road.
Kinda like the way the Pats got guillotined 7 minutes into the 2008 season after shitting it in the last minute of the Super Bowl the previous year. No expectations, just something to watch on Sunday afternoons. At lest I didn't get teased for 4 games.

Watching the Mets this year has been similar to what you are getting at. After a few years of organizational incompetence and ineptitude, they have some promising young players. You can see them being good in a couple years with some further development and a good signing or two. But honestly, in the second half, other than a Dickey start, it's just moving pictures to entertain me during dinner.
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