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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

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Sounds like an interesting idea. With the kelvin are you going with the jj look or more like the Classic look? As for the fleet that sounds like fun.
Tobias already has a Kelvin model and since it is basically canon, we are going with that. Remember, everything up until the point at which the Narada shows up is PRIME timeline.

That is a little tough to swallow. I personally wouldn't include anything that reflects the design sensibilities and ethos of Sub-Prime Trek. Just not a fan. But, it's your baby. Wish your production all the best. I do like that you are tipping the hat to FASA. They, Star Fleet Battles, and the Technical Manual were important in keeping TOS new during the 70's and 80's. Atleast for me.

On a tangent related to the Trek splintering of TOS Prime... I consider the battle with the Borg in FC to be where the Timelines diverge. I see ENT and, by several references to ENT, Trek 11 as being directly tied to Picard and the Borg interacting with Cochrane in Earth's future past.

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