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Re: Game AI passes Turing Test

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Yeah well.. not sold.

Turing Test is very far off.. i guess they are just well programmed bots where you can set parameters and variables that get filled with data as the game goes on.

The same with chess programs.. i'd not call the intelligent but their ability to process data and extrapolate moves is far beyond a human's capability leading to believe they are intelligent when in fact they're not.
The thing about the Turing test is that they don't have to be actually intelligent (capable of connecting the dots), they just have to "exhibit" intelligence.

It has nothing to do with intelligence per se but with the ability of a program/robot/whatever to fool a human into thinking it is a sapient intelligent living sentient being (otherwise known in some scientific circles as a hewmon).

That's why cleverbot, a chatbot whose responses are not programmed, but are selected from what humans entered in previous conversations (by simply remembering what a human answered and then just reproducing it again, with typos and all... no actual intelligence in any way), can pass the Turing test.
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