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Re: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now

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Black Country Communion - 'Song of Yesterday'
Amazing song. One of their best. That one really reminds me of Robin Trower, maybe Bridge Of Sighs.

I have the first 2 albums and am awaiting the third. I hope the talk of a rift between Hughes & Bonamassa is overblown.

I just got two of the five albums from Draconian, the other three are coming soon. My first real foray into Doom Metal.

I'm not normally into the all growling all the time, but great musicianship and a female vocalist balance things out nicely.

Rimmer, on what period of history to live in-
“Well, It’d be the 19th century for me, one of Napoleon’s marshals.
The chance to march across Europe with the greatest general of all time and kill Belgians” - (White Hole).
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