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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

Watched the pilot episode last night. I'm pretty sure this show came about because someone said "Hey, what should we do with these unused Monk scripts?"
I know Monk is a take off of Sherlock Holmes, but this version is a complete rip-off of Monk except the main character is a drug addict instead of having OCD, and it's set in New York instead of San Francisco.
Aside from the obvious similarities of noticing a bunch of minor things and putting them together in way to solve crimes, here are the all-too-striking similarities between the two shows:
1. The sidekick is a female in the medical profession (Sharona was a nurse, Watson was a surgeon), who more of less unwillingly goes along with the main character.
2. Monk/Sherlock works as a civilian contractor to the police department.
3. Monk/Sherlock's best friend is a Police Captain and former co-worker who spends too much time working cases and not actually being a Police Captain.
4. The Police Captain is partnered with kind of a dim-witted detective who doesn't like the main character upstaging them (Randy didn't like Monk in the beginning).
5. Both characters breakdowns came about because of a woman. Monk had a breakdown because of the death of his wife, and Sherlock went into drug addiction because someting happened to a woman he was in a relationship with (obviously more of this to come).
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