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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

Average. Although there's nothing I can point to and say "I didn't like that" I'm not really all that impressed either. The movie starts off interesting, then loses something in the middle and has a really anti-climatic ending. The film also has shades of Terminator, what with a time travelling assassin systematically killing everyone who falls under a certain criteria in the hopes of changing the future

The revelation that the kid on the farm was the "Rainmaker" was too obvious. I kept expecting some sort of special revelation about Abe, like he was actually an older version of the show-off henchman but nothing ever came.

I don't get the ending. So Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joe shoots himself and Bruce Willis Joe ceases to exist and since Cid doesn't witness his mother killed he will presumably grow up normally and not become the feared mob boss known as the Rainmaker. However, in the original timeline JGL Joe killed Willis Joe right away when he arrived back in time, therefore there was no one around to hunt Cid. Presumably his mother never dies, or is killed some other way and Cid still grew up and became the Rainmaker. Won't that happen anyway? Or is the point that Joe won't have to deal with all the pain and suffering the Rainmaker will inflict on him?

While an interesting concept the movie loses something in the execution. Or maybe it's just because I went in expecting an action movie when it is in fact a character piece?
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