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Re: Glee - Season Four

Well, i'm eating my words and have broken my vow to be done with the show.. i caught up with the three episodes (basically because a good friend of mine who i fixed u with Glee back in season 1 told me it was actually quite good again).

It is good.. well, not brilliant like season 1 but a definite improvement over season 3. I like that they are using "older" songs a bit more and not rely exclusively on charts music (something i loved in seasons 1 + 2) and i like the new additions to the cast (finally some guys on the show who can actually sing.. Finn/Cory Monteith can't sing to save his life).

If they manage to keep the drama a bit under control and get 1-2 good musical numbers out of each episode i'll stick around. Heck.. it's less than an hour each week to waste and it'll save me the time hunting down the music on Youtube.

And yes.. Kurt making such an impact at Vogue is ridiculous.. we are to believe a high school graduate/intern will impress a professional fashion/style expert so much she puts him in the inner circle after a few days? Weeeell.. it's a TV show.. let's move on.
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