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Re: The Genesis planet...

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Who cares what's in the script or the novelization. If it's not shown or stated on-screen it didn't happen.
I was answering Admiral M's suggestion that we needed to ask Bennett or Meyer for an explanation, when their intentions are already known. In the script.

I guess Uhura was never born. We never saw her birth either. It never happened.
The filmmaker's intentions are completely meaningless if they don't translate onto the film.
If you have to read up on the intention or meaning of a film-scene then the film-makers have failed.

What the movie shows us about the creation of Genesis (that's redundant, isn't it ) isn't quite clear; it could have been formed from the matter in the Mutara nebula (unlikely since it was scattered by the explosion) or it could be the transformed Regula.

Your comment about Uhura doesn't make any sense, btw.
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