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Re: Episode of the Week: The Battle

An obvious episode made much more than it must have seemed on paper by the direction. Bowan will do it again in DataLore (an evil twin? BLEURGH) and I think a lot of the credit here deserves to go to him. It's a dark, tense 44 minutes despite the fact it's insanely obvious what's going on to everyone except the leads.

I do think the Picard Manouver doesn't quite come off, as displayed on screen it's slow enough to seem like it would only be effective against Riker, a commander Generations will show has a real problem with the idea of just shooting all his ship'smany weapons at once.

Is this the last time we see the Ferengi till Peak Performance?
It's an 11 page lesson in how cool Geoff Senior is in my look at: Fire on High Part 2
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