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Re: Episode of the Week: The Battle

An obvious episode made much more than it must have seemed on paper by the direction. Bowan will do it again in DataLore (an evil twin? BLEURGH) and I think a lot of the credit here deserves to go to him. It's a dark, tense 44 minutes despite the fact it's insanely obvious what's going on to everyone except the leads.

I do think the Picard Manouver doesn't quite come off, as displayed on screen it's slow enough to seem like it would only be effective against Riker, a commander Generations will show has a real problem with the idea of just shooting all his ship'smany weapons at once.

Is this the last time we see the Ferengi till Peak Performance?
It's a case of back from the future in my look at: Fallen Angel! Part 1
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