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Re: Warp Drive May Be More Feasible Than Thought, Scientists Say

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So, if a real warp-ship looks like this:

...then would a real shuttlecraft for it, look like this:

No. Ironically, the warp spaceship might be more doable than having an all payload craft--the shuttlecraft hover and land with no reaction mass. I was looking at the the small test stand using a laser and wondered if this might be helpful, and then I looked at this:

Some of you may be familiar with Aridas Sophia's idea or early jeffries/Declaration type ringships passing through a ring type superimpeller as he calls it.

Then I recalled a possible mission to the deep space solar foci

You go far enough out--and you are in a focal line.

I wonder if something similar might be had in terms of powering a warp line with line of sight travel from one star to another. I don't think the warp ship could generate its own effect. If it can--it might be launched from a chemical rocket--deploy, and be rather like New Horizons. Travel at 10 X c and Alpha Centauri is 21 weeks away? Six month Mars mission time? You need a big dish to receive here tho'

Then too, I remember my book The Science in Science Fiction. In short what it says is this. If you saw it on saturday morning cartoons--it won't work.

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