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Re: Best Audio Book?

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Enjoying the story so far, and definitely nice to do back to back Cybermen stories like this
I just listened to another Cyberman story that I quite liked. It's from season 1 of the Companion Chronicles. Caroline John returned as Liz Shaw in "The Blue Tooth" ... In it, it's several years after she left the Doctor and UNIT. She is telling someone the story of the end of her tenure. It just happened to be during a Cyberman invasion. Only, a very different sort of invasion, with a different sort of Cyberman.

Loved hearing Caroline as Liz once more, though it's sad that I didn't do it until after she passed away. Now I want to get the rest of her CCs.
Yea, I need to get some more Companion Chronicles, I just recently finished the Brig and Polly The Three Companions
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