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Re: Why Are So Few Statutory Rapes Prosecuted?

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I'm not misrepresenting anything.

It seems to me that people are indicating in their arguments that "statutory rape is not REAL rape".

Is that the correct or not?
Statutory rape is not the same as rape, that's why there are two different words. But really existing statutory rape, i.e. not a situation in which a 16 and 20 year old person have consensual sex but one in which the older person exploits the immaturity of the younger one can very well become the psychological equivalent of rape, hence the necessity to have a rule that forbids intercourse between adults and minors, that enable the victims to go to court.
You don't seem to understand this crucial difference between consensual sex and psychological exploitation and abuse and that these rules exist to cover the latter and not the former case. Furthermore you clearly have no idea about how teenagers actually behave and what forbidding them to do something can cause. You could call it the Spring break effect, forbid drugs and sex and at the first chance young people will do it excessively.
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