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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

^ Chill. The reason I voiced this criticism is in many ways because I do know very well what it means to do a ton of work out of love for the work. I've spent the last seven years almost daily contributing to KDE for free as a software developer, system administrator and many other hats. If you have a modern cellphone you've likely used code I've written to browse the web, and I haven't seen a dime for it, and I don't mind.

But because you are so dedicated it means you care about the quality of experience of your readers, and so all I'm saying is that for this reader - but I think potentially also for many others - the enjoyment would have been greater with a larger serving. Deciding on the right size to slice things into is a balance thing, and to me this was on the too short side.

Just because we do free software we still take bug reports at KDE, too, you know .

That said, I'm sorry for the pay the bills part; I frankly just blindly assumed you were ad-supported (which I don't see due to Adblock - and yes, TrekToday is an exception in my Adblock rules) because it's the usual reason you see pagination this extreme. I definitely should have checked, so boo me.

I guess I should have framed things a little better instead of getting to the criticism part so quickly, too, so here it is again: I really enjoyed your interview, I'm grateful you talked to CBS Digital for us, I'm looking forward to the upcoming installments, and for that matter, I also think your site rocks pretty hard. I'm really sorry if I dampened your mood over what should be a happy occasion, I really didn't mean to. I was just communicating the - relatively minor - negative aspect I had in my user experience as a suggestion for improvement, in the spirit of one developer to another. It's a habit as much as anything.
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