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Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...

I am a bit behind on my Reviews, I am almost finished with season 3....

"The Collaborator"

This is not a bad episode, and the writers make the brilliant choice of making Winn Kai, but much of this episode is Bajorian Politics and Orb experiences, and unless there is a threat of shooting at each other, Bajorian politics can get old quickly. A bit of a snooze of a episode.

5 out of 10


Another lukewarm episode, you know that they will save the skin of O'Brian, so much of it is somewhat lacking. Though it is nice to see bits of spoonhead prime and so on. But in the end. it just ...ok

5 out of 10

"The Jem'Hadar"

Now this is a fun episode. Adventure, Dad-Kid time, Ships blowing up, a nice twist at the end. Wonder if Eris just beamed herself out into deep space to avoid capture, after all, there would be another one just like her. that and they blew up a galaxy class star-ship. Still surprising after all this time.

This is a "step up episode" where episodes got consistently better. Even in season 1 they can strike gold (see "Duet") but At blood Oath, the series got stronger, and once again, after this episode, the standard for episodes gets stronger.

8 out of 10

Season 2 in the books

Season 2 Avg is 6

However my impression is that 2 is much stronger then 1, as one as a few great episodes, and then many bad ones, while season 2 is much more constantly stronger.
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