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Re: Best Audio Book?

Finished Spare Parts, loved the Story, thanks for all the Recommendations for it. Bonus points for the references to the properly used "Creepy Cloth Faced" version. They really are the creepiest version, IMHO.

Finished the first disc of The Reaping. In the opening, Peri's voice was really off and childish sounding, I thought she was playing a 10 or 12 year old, until they said she was 18? Throughout the first disc, she often slips into that "little girl voice", though msotly she sounds properly like Peri. I didn't notice this at all in The Doctor Who Unbound story she's in, so, I wonder was this Nicola Bryant's first (Or one of her first) returns to the character after alot of years, and she was struggling to get the voice down? Enjoying the story so far, and definitely nice to do back to back Cybermen stories like this
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