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Re: 'Alias' series on Netflix streaming in HD (finally)

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the show quickly went off the rails when Abrams left.
Yes when i watched the season opener for the 5th season this week I expected maybe JJ Abrahams would have directed it.
he did not.

when i made this thread I looked at a listing of episodes for the series and directors and JJ didn't direct any episodes in the 5th season. Oh well I thought maybe for sweeps or the finale...
I get the impression that JJ Abrams isn't someone who is in it for the long haul. He'll create or develop a series, remain involved for a little while, and then walks away and leaves a series in someone else's hands. He did it with "Lost" and he did it with "Alias". His name is still in the credits every week but he's not actively involved with the series.
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