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Re: 'Alias' series on Netflix streaming in HD (finally)

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the show quickly went off the rails when Abrams left.
Yes when i watched the season opener for the 5th season this week I expected maybe JJ Abrahams would have directed it.
he did not.

when i made this thread I looked at a listing of episodes for the series and directors and JJ didn't direct any episodes in the 5th season. Oh well I thought maybe for sweeps or the finale...
2 years though is a long time on a 22 episode/season series with the schedules for creatives on a series.

I'm glad it is in HD. They won't be releasing this on Blu-ray so I'm glad to see it this way.
I have always loved the pilot. This was one of the early shows to be in 5.1 surround sound on DVD.
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