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Re: Did Kirk captain any ship before Enterprise?

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(in HD the bridge plaque is readable, so you can't just dismiss this, IMHO)
Why not? The series wasn't meant to be seen in HD. To find a detail in HD that was not visible in the original is somewhat akin, IMHO, to going back to the original film negatives and finding lightstands in the area outside the 4:3 framing area of the original shot and claiming they were on the bridge.
Let's see. During TOS "starship" is used in context with the capital ships of the federation, Enterprise is one of these and the dedication plaque on its bridge - adding a sense of realism - says so too. Though we know it's there and know what's printed on it, we shouldn't take it too literally because we couldn't see it in 4:3 standard definition?

And that odd thing about "San Francisco". Happens to be Starfleet headquarters and probably hints the Number One Starfleet ship building facility in orbit - above San Francisco. Which makes a little more sense to put it in orbit there than on the opposite site our planet.


Here is one that should end any "it was only meant for 4:3 SD" reasoning. Rewatching the original episodes I found it most interesting that the small print next to the doors changed on a weekly basis. One week Season One's briefing room is "Personnel Director", the next one it's "Astrographics", next one is "Briefing Room 2" and so on. I find it rather amazing how much attention they paid to details most people couldn't even read, then.
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