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Re: Is fantasy more popular than science fiction? If so why?

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These conversations always make me think of this:

However, there is one good example of cross over. Star Wars while mostly viewed as science fiction has the element of fantasy in the force. The force being an inherited characteristic that gives them their powers.

But isn't the same true in Harry Potter because the magicians have also a inherited triat that gives them the magic gift over the muggles.

So had Harry conjured himself up a Star Ship to hide from Lord Voldatmort would that have made Potter partially sci-fi?
Why the heck not? TV and movies don't do hard sci fi that I've ever much noticed, so it's all just variations on hand-waving magic.

But it's usually easy to tell the author's intent by the surface attributes. For instance, Lucas intended Star Wars to be sci fi and signalled that intent by having spaceships and robots in the story. He cold have told essentially the same story with dragons and elves, but he didn't do that, so I'm willing to accept his own self-label and agree that Star Wars is sci fi.
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