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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

I'm looking at the liner notes on the GNP pilot album which was produced by Neil Norman (isn't that you, Indysolo?), and they say:
The master tapes for this album are from the best sources available. They have endured fire and flood at Paramount and though they do betray their age, they are still in mint condition. For many years their whereabouts were cloaked in an aura of mystery. In my adventures as a Science Fiction archaeologist, my colleagues and I were finally able to unearth them! No expense has been spared to bring them to you in "state of the art" digital form.

Occasionally you may encounter some hiss or distortion, due to the condition of the original tapes. We have eliminated as many imperfections as possible without impairing the performances.
(Of course, since this was originally a vinyl LP release, "digital form" would refer to the processing/mixing rather than the final playback medium.)

And I do recall the audio quality being about what these notes describe -- the tapes did "show their age."

So the question is, have better, more intact masters for the pilot scores been found since 1985, or is it simply that modern restoration/remastering techniques enabled a much better cleanup of the same masters?
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