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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

Yeah, kinda hard to get emotional about it this year (last year being great and then shitting the bed, getting mad was easy). They set a record for being hurt, so you were just kinda treading water until the guys got back. Then they did, but failed to pick up steam. Already kinda numb at that point, though. And then Bobby constantly starting shit with his mouth, and the in-fighting. Then they blew up the team (staggering amount of money off the books, great fresh start that you almost never get), so you just kinda go into 'have fun and watch the kids play' mode, and don't care about the outcome.

As long as they can Bobby next Friday, and then swing a couple trades in the off-season, they're on their way back to being decent. Over-paid/under-performing stars are mostly gone, and HAS to be less horrible injury luck. Manager that isn't throwing team under the bus, and a couple trades for younger stars about to get expensive (this is the opportunity provided by the trades, you can go grab, say, a Justin Upton, and just absorb the salary no problem).

Don't think that, aside from pink hats, people are really upset by what's going on. Decent fans should recognize the opportunity to retool and get back to winning. On the outside, looks worse, and just traded away the stars.

guess we'll see.
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