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Re: Alyson Hannigan: Babe of the week #40 (Oct. 2012)

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Thumbs down. Back in the Buffy/Angel days she was near the bottom of the female cast members for me.

I'm thinking Buffyverse power rankings would be something along this order:
  1. Charisma Carpenter
  2. Sarah Thompson
  3. Eliza Dushku
  4. Sarah Michelle Gellar
  5. Amy Acker
  6. Julie Benz
  7. Stephanie Romanov
  8. Emma Caulfield
  9. Mercedes McNab
  10. Alyson Hannigan
  11. Amber Benson
  12. Elisabeth Röhm

Kind of shocked that she never showed up in the "genre" days though.
With you I am, Master Yoda, with only slight changes to your power rankings:
  1. Charisma Carpenter
  2. Emma Caulfield
  3. Eliza Dushku
  4. Julie Benz
  5. Stephanie Romanov
  6. Mercedes McNab
  7. Miracle Laurie
  8. Amber Benson
  9. Dichen Lachman
  10. Summer Glau
  11. Alyson Hannigan
  12. Sarah Michelle Gellar

See? Just slight changes.

As for Aly, sometimes up, mostly down, so down.
"That's another thing Hollywood gets wrong. Real women EAT."

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