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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

148. From Dusk Till Dawn (C-)

From Dusk Till Dawn impressed me when I was sixteen; now, not so much. The abrupt shift which comes a little after the one hour mark from one genre to another (criminals on the run to vampires) struck me as brilliantly upending genre expectations ten years ago; now, it seems more like a ploy to provide a movie without any direction somewhere to go, as well as a desperate move to humanize George Clooney's character (he's still a bastard, despite any and all the one-liners Tarantino's script puts in his mouth). Worse, the vampires don't increase the tension much at all. Killing them feels rote, like grinding out a bunch of kills in a video game, rather than anything that should be taken seriously. The end might be the ultimate insult: after her entire family has been killed, she tries to run off with Clooney, despite the fact that he's the one who got her family killed! Methinks its time to trade this one in to Amazon for pennies.

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