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Re: Glee - Season Four

I embrace the campy-cheesyness that is Glee. Observations:

LOVE Brody (not-Finn). I'm pretty sure I'm having recurring dreams about him.
Rachel now looks like Lea Michele does whenever she's not playing Rachel.

Love Sue. Love Butt-Chin. I rewound the DVR a few times to catch the Butt-Chin remarks. Love that Sue wrote the recommendation for Will and completely lied and exaggerated on it.

Loved Brittney snuggling up to Sam. Don't love how they turned Sam into an idiot (kinda).

Miss Santana's snarkiness.

Why is Sugar around again? All she does is clap in the background. What's the point?

Need more Emma and Will. Don't like the "bored Will" story line. Emma needs to get pregnant so Will can be happy with the Glee Club the way it is and give up the boredom. If they have a kid, he can focus on that.
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