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Re: Last Resort was Awesome.

Program has just started, I believe. Been about 10 months since it was first tried, but so far, so good. Just a couple boats tried so far, both Ohio-class. Generally gone along without any problems, and they're increasing the program.

So far, just the BN/GN subs, and not any attack subs at this point. More room to make accomodations for berthing, shower/head use, etc. Like gays in the military, expect this to be another issue that got a lot of play, but really just wasn't a big deal when actually implemented.

And they implied that the Colorado was in that pilot program in the show. The XO was doing a weekly "everything going well, no one's tried to be creepy or assault you?" debrief. So they're awknowledging that they are new to the program, which is a nice way of not having to have an ALL male cast.
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