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Re: A reason why Captains and Admirals know each other

During Court(s) martial, Kirk addressed a few of the officers in the base bar, I beieve he referred to them as old class mates, which would explain a past - perhaps distant - relationship.

Picard didn't know Riker except from his record.

Picrd met LaForge before on a inspection of another ship, LaForge worked all night to repair a minor fault, impressing Picard and resulting in Picard having LaForge assigned to the Enterprise.

I got the impression that Picard didn't request Crusher to the Enterpise, she was assigned and he didn't refuse.

Wasn't Voyager mission to the badland to search for the Maguis raider kind of a rushed, last minute thing, with Janeway taking command in a hurry? And her officers were not hand picked (except Tuvok), simply assigned?

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