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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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Spock and Uhura: The Breakup Possibilities

4. The Fantasy. One day Uhura is somewhere she is not supposed to be and she sees Kirk and Spock in flagrante delicto. She accuses Spock of using her as a decoy all this time and despite his assurances that really, being with her is quite pleasant the relationship is over.

Fan Reaction: teacake makes an avatar of NuSpock's face with NOT.HET. superimposed over it. Youtube melts down under the heat of ten thousand new slash uploads. The term "fanwank" is suddenly understood by normal people in the street.
4-B. The Fantasy...inverted: What starts as a simply platonic "Ladies Night Out" for Uhura and M'Ress takes a turn for the, ahem, romantic when quantities of alcohol and 'nip are consumed. And despite a moment of awkardness the next morning, they realize the substances merely revealed what they already felt, having known each other at the academy. Spock steps aside, knowing he need not worry about Uhura's feelings when the new Vulcan colony requests he contribute to the repopulation of his species.

Fan Reaction: After a few holdouts pass out from continually shrieking, "Eww! Furry!" the rest realize, "Hey! Girl on girl! What's not to like?!" and the negativity generated by things like the infamous CSI episode, the MTV special and the Vogue article are eventually forgotten. (Hey, this was labeled a "fantasy"! )


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