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Re: Glee - Season Four

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Don't care for the potential Finn/Rachel drama, I hope the next episode starts with Rachel telling him "You left me, I'm dating, deal with it" or with Finn saying "Hi Rachel, where's Kurt, I wanted to surprise him ... are you Rachel's new boyfriend, nice to meet you!"
Anything but more of the same old angsty relationship crap
It was always going to happen though. I imagine Rachel/Finn and Kurt/Blaine will break up soon, maybe Brittany/Santana too because they're pushing Brit and Sam together.

I agree with your other points, I did roll my eyes a bit about how Kurt just makes it into Vogue with no trouble.

Once again a week without Tina...

I kinda like the idea of Will going away, it depends on who they get to replace him though. I guess that'll push his wedding to the back end of the season, if it doesn't get renewed in would make a good finale, especially if they got the old regulars to appear.
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