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Re: Did Kirk captain any ship before Enterprise?

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(in HD the bridge plaque is readable, so you can't just dismiss this, IMHO)
Why not? The series wasn't meant to be seen in HD. To find a detail in HD that was not visible in the original is somewhat akin, IMHO, to going back to the original film negatives and finding lightstands in the area outside the 4:3 framing area of the original shot and claiming they were on the bridge.
CoveTom, I don't understand your reasoning at all. Are you saying that a set element that was created and stuck up on a wall has no more importance than a cameraman who pulled back too far in Errand of Mercy and showed the wood support on the bridge floor just because HD wasn't around then?

Well, I guess I should be thankful that I can now see that hunk of wood in all its HD glory.
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