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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

^Ah but, assembling the stuff yourself is the fun part! -it's usually just like Lego for adults

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And while there I picked up a few other odds and ends...
That's so easy to do in Ikea!

Says the woman who is sitting in an Ikea chair, at her Ikea computer table, next to her Ikea printer table, surrounded by Ikea Billy bookcases. The only thing not Ikea in my study is my antique desk. Well, the only furniture.

Thank you for reminding me that I bought a floor lamp there a while ago, and it's still sitting in its box...
My desk (that doubles as a dining table), chair and desk lamp, two cupboards and two sets of lamps -just in this room- are also from that shop

But the odds and ends of today are: a cheese-grater ("Strålande"), a stainless steel travel-mug, a stainless steel 'basket' (I'm gong to hang on the wall so my hand-soap doesn't need to stand on a surface) and a stainless steel dish-rack.

Oh, and a set of bed-linen.

If we'd gone in a bigger car* I would've picked up lots more (big flower pots at off-season prices ), a small table/cupboard/shelves-combo for my very cramped 'hall', some colourful bed-side rugs...

* Today I noticed (for the first time) that you can borrow bikes with trailers! -what a perfect way to bring home the loot!
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