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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Andoria for a little snowboarding.
B is for Berengaria VII to go see the native dragons.
C is for Cardassia. They offer free dental to tourists.
D is for Deneb IV. Both James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard experienced some of its pleasures.
E is for Eminiar 7
F is for Ferenginar, a vacation hotspot for anyone who loves excessive profits and pouring rain
G is for Gamma Hydra 4
H is for Hansen's Planet. But stay away from the indigenous anthropoids. They're very large and like to throw things.
I is for Izar. A pretty snazzy little human colony and a nice place to visit.
J is for Janus VI.
K is for Kling. The early Federation name for the Klingon homeworld.
L is for Ligon II.
M is for Malcor III, a pleasant class-M world with a civilization resembling 21st century Earth...just don't vacation there until they break the warp barrier or you'll violate the Prime Directive.
N is for Nimbus III. Planet of Galactic Peace.
O is for Ophiucus III. Harry Mudd was taking his three women there to give them as wives to settlers of that Federation colony. Must have been a nice place.
P is for Pluto. Was a planet. Is now a planet. And shall always be a planet. Dammit.
Q is for Quadra Sigma III. Location of a deadly explosion.
R is for Romulus. The firefalls of Gal'gathong were awe-inspiring for visitors until the supernova shockwave of 2387 destroyed the planet.
S is for Sigma Draconis 3. Planet of the Brain Stealers.
T is for Tellar, or Tellar Prime. The perfect vacation spot for folks who love a good, heated argument.
U is for Umoth VIII
V is for Vendikar. A nice place to spend a vacation...if you don't mind preprogrammed computers dropping bombs on you the whole time you're there.
W is for Wrigley's pleasure planet
X is for Xindus, though you'll need a slingshot to visit it.
Y is for Yridia Prime, a great spot to relax and learn valuable commerce and smuggling tips.
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