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Re: Insurrection as an episode...

Is that actually true? Few think is Eminent Domain is Tryanny? A house could be in your family for 150 years, Your Grandparents raised your parents in it, who in turn raised you in it, and you have raised your kids in it and they can simply get a wild hair and decide they can get more tax revenue by buying your house, against your will, without any chance of rejecting their offer, no compensation for relocation, and they can pay you whatever they deem they want to (Not replacement cost, no consideration for how much you owe on if it's a newer purchase, no requirement to be fair market value, no set formula, just whatever they want to pay you). Say for instance it happened now, where many mortgages are underwater, you owe $150,000 on your house, but, they deem they want to pay you $75,000. You will still owe $75,000 and no longer have a house. Are there seriously only a few people who don't consider this Tyranny?
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