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Re: Primeval: Canada

Saw the trailer. Looks okay, but much like the original, the main cast is rather lacking in ethnic diversity. I find that disappointing.

Also, I'm not sure how I feel about Niall Matter as the lead. For most of his time on Eureka, I didn't like him much, but in the final season, when his character became more mature in some ways, my opinion of him improved somewhat. Still, I'll have to wait and see whether I like him here.

And did I see a shot in the trailer of Eureka's Colin Ferguson talking to Matter?

The most encouraging thing is the Reeves-Stevenses as the creators/showrunners. This will be the second dinosaur-themed show they've done, since they were writer/producers on the syndicated Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World.

As for the anomalies appearing in Canada now, really, I never understood why they weren't doing that all along. The original show never explained why they only opened around England and particularly London, except for the usual conceit of British sci-fi that London is the center of all things. I suppose maybe they were some kind of "aura effect" of Philip Burton's work, concentrated around the place and time where he created his thingamabob and extending around it both forward and backward in time. But they never really addressed that.
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