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Re: Insurrection as an episode...

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They might have been saved before they died? The Federation was planning to research the planet's healing propeties to improve their current medicines.

Insurrection took place during or shortly after the Dominon War. The Federation was in bad shape.
They might very well have shared their resources after the events of INS but nobody bothered to ask them, the Feds just rushed in and tried to rob them. Some fans seem to confuse the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets.

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Exile them all which is pretty much a death sentence for them?
I wouldn't call them living out their rest of their normal lifespans a death sentence. Anij was already over 300 years old herself. Many people in the galaxy were never as lucky as the Baku were to discover the planet.

People forget that the planet was in Federation space. Also the original Baku had arrived there from another planet.

A big problem with the Baku was that they simply weren't likeable.
First time I heard that justice should be based upon how likable somebody is.

I think it's extremely unlikely that the Baku would share their resources. They knew full well what they were sitting on, which is why they stayed there hidden, and didn't tell anyone about what they'd stumbled upon. After the events of INS, they had to have known what Dougherty was originally after.

Sympathy isn't necessary for justice, but it DOES help in a fictional story where the audience is supposed to side with a group. It has been said by many critics of INS that a major issue with it is that it's very hard to sympathize with the Baku, which cripples the movie, because we either

(a) don't care about what happens to the Baku or
(b) actively root against them

also, comparisons to "theft" and the Klingon empire are silly. Eminent domain is a pretty common policy of even democratic governments and few think it's an example of "tyranny." If a small village were sitting on a revolutionary cure for a major disease I don't think any serious people would oppose moving them to get at the cure.
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